2020-21 Registration is on Hold

Registration for the 2020-21 season is presently on hold.

Hello Actors and families:
We hope that you are well and are dealing satisfactorily with the pandemic constraints.  We miss working creatively with you and we hope to see you again sometime in the future.  As directors, we had hoped to be able to offer some programming this Fall or Winter; unfortunately, this will not be possible.  A few factors have played into this decision: 

-the number of COVID-19 cases continues to rise

-keeping all participants safe is our number one priority and this is harder to do indoors

-having masked sessions that are physically distanced makes it difficult to interact in the way that we are accustomed-an outdoor venue is not sustainable, with colder weather coming

-finding a big enough and affordable indoor space for physical distancing  (The Princess Ave Playhouse is not available to us this season.)

So what happens next?   We will re-evaluate our position in the Spring to determine whether we can offer programming beginning in September. Fingers crossed!

Thank you for your understanding.  Be safe.

CCCalls Directors