Registration for our weekly sessions will begin on June 1 for the general public. Information on our sessions is posted below and the registration form may be found under the Registration tab.

Our weekly sessions include theatre games, improv, exercises in projection, blocking, music, vocalization, puppetry and script reading. Actors in each age group will perform a season-ending show for the public at a local theatre. The show selected for each program will be announced in the Fall, once the directors have become familiar with the participants. The directors look forward to welcoming you to the CCCalls family!

For LION KING JR information, please return to our home page where audition details are posted.

We are 100% volunteer-driven and are enthusiastic about exposing youth to the joys of live theatre!

Thank You!

Grades 1-3 (As of September, 2024)

Mondays from 6:00-7:15                                                 Oct. 21- March        $325   

Tech/dress rehearsals on Feb. 24 and 28

Public shows on Saturday, March 1 (and possibly March 2)

Grades 4-7  (As of September, 2024)

Tuesdays from 6:00-8:00                                                  Oct. 15- April          $375  

Tech/dress rehearsals on April 8 and 10

School shows, during day, on Friday, April 11     

Public shows on Saturday, April 12 (and possibly Sunday, April 13)

Grades 8-11  (As of September, 2024)

Thursdays from 6:00-8:00                                                Oct. 17- May            $375

Tech/dress rehearsals on April 30 and May 1

School shows, during day, on either Thursday, May 1 or Friday, May 2

Public shows on Saturday, May 3 (and possibly Sunday, May 4)       

Weekly sessions take place at our Suite at 15 St. Catharine Street, St. Thomas.  All tech/ dress rehearsals and performances will take place at the Port Stanley Festival Theatre.   There are no sessions during the week of December 15, school Christmas Break and March Break.       

**Please do not register for this season if you are unable to attend tech/dress rehearsal dates and show dates.  **                                                      


Testimonials from Matilda JR Cast members

“It was really fun and creative and the people who volunteer here are really nice.” M. K.

“It was one of the favourite activities that I’ve done and everyone is nice and kind.” K. L.

“There is no pressure to perform and the people who volunteer are very helpful.” A. L.

“It is really fun here because of all the people you meet friends with.” E. O.

“It was really fun when we got to go on the theatre trip. I had a decent amount of lines. People are really nice and I want to come back next year.” G. D.

“The play was really organized. Everybody was nice and and it was easy to overcome fears of being in front of a lot of people.” C. Y.

“The play was great and fun and had good music.” R. V.

“The staff were very nice and went out of their way to do things for us.” B. H.

“The volunteers are very nice and include everyone.” I. T.

“It is a good place to start off with if you’re new to acting.” S. J.

“The experience was really cool and I enjoyed meeting people from other schools.” E. S.

Testimonials from Annie JR Cast members

“I loved it.” -K.P.

“This is my first year at CCCalls. I really liked the production and I had a blast! I really liked working with all my cast mates.” -M.P.

“The whole experience was awesome! Everyone believed in me and that’s why I feel I performed as well as I did. It was fun working with all these talented people.” -R.V.

“The directors do such a good job every year with all the plays. This is an awesome program and it helps with public speaking. My favourite experience was getting back on stage again.” -R.C.

“The directors were very nice.” -I.T.

“It was good to work with everyone. They were fun and easy to work with. I built friendships with people I didn’t know.” -S.J.

“I am very glad that I had this opportunity. I met a girl who goes to my school, but I wouldn’t have had a conversation with her unless I met her here.” -S.V.

“I appreciate my cast mates; they are all very nice. We worked well as a team.”- G.H.

“It was a really good experience and even though you get anxious, you still overcome it.” -C.Y.

“Everybody did a great job and I liked everybody’s work. I support CharACTer Curtain Calls and all the great directors that made the show.” -M.K.

“The program helps to make more friends.” -E.M.

“I really liked going on stage. It was my first time and it was fun!” -K.P.

“My best experience was seeing Legally Blonde and making relationships with my cast mates.” -G.L.

“My favourite experience was singing on stage.” -A.W.

Vertical Kids


Testimonials from High School Musical JR Cast Members                                                                                                                                     

 “exhilarating”  (R.D)                “Awesome. Made my release my inner beast!” (K.L.)                    “This was really fun!” (B.H.)                                                                 “It was awesome and lots of fun.” (R.K.)                                            “Awesome!” (M.B)                                                          “It was fun.”  (R.D.)                    “It was awesome and I’m so excited for next year.” (K.K.)                                                          “It was awesome and amazing.” (P.L.)                                                                               “It was amazing.  Thank you so much.  Hope to see you next year.”  (J.B.)                                         “Fun.” (K.M.)                   “It was lots of fun and I got to express myself.”  (M.B.)                                   “It was amazing.  I’m coming back no doubt.”  (R.W.)                                                     “Lots of fun.” (S.P.)                 “I had an amazing time.” (G.F.)                      “I learned how to act and I had so much fun.”  (S.M.)                                                     “Wish we could do it again.” (R.G.)                “So fun. I’m coming back.”  (M.H.)               “Would recommend.” (W.P.)                                                                                    “It was awesome, like every year.  I’ll be back next year.” (B.G.)               “Best experience ever!” (P.C.)


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Inspire!    Create!    Perform!

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#1 Opening

#2 Rock Island

#3 Change to Scene 2

#4 Iowa Stubborn

#5 Ya Got Trouble

#6 Change to Scene 3

#7 Piano Lesson/If You Don’t Mind

#8 Goodnight, My Someone

#9 Columbia, Gem of the Ocean

#10 Seventy-Six Trombones

#11 Seventy-Six Trombones: Playoff

#12 Ice Cream: Sincere

#14 Pick-A-Little (Part 1)

#15 Pick-A-Little (Part 2)

#16 Change to Scene 7

#17 Wells Fargo Wagon

#18 Shipoopi

#19 Pick-a-Little Reprise

#20 Change to Scene 9

#21 Gary, Indiana

#22 Chase Music ????

#23 Till There Was You

#24 Finale

#25 Bows



























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