Registration will open in late June for our programming beginning in the Fall. Current CCCalls members and those on our waiting list will be given first priority for registration.

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Vertical Kids




Testimonials from High School Musical JR Cast Members:                                                                                                                                     

 “exhilarating”  (R.D)                “Awesome. Made my release my inner beast!” (K.L.)                    “This was really fun!” (B.H.)                                                                 “It was awesome and lots of fun.” (R.K.)                                            “Awesome!” (M.B)                                                          “It was fun.”  (R.D.)                    “It was awesome and I’m so excited for next year.” (K.K.)                                                          “It was awesome and amazing.” (P.L.)                                                                               “It was amazing.  Thank you so much.  Hope to see you next year.”  (J.B.)                                         “Fun.” (K.M.)                   “It was lots of fun and I got to express myself.”  (M.B.)                                   “It was amazing.  I’m coming back no doubt.”  (R.W.)                                                     “Lots of fun.” (S.P.)                 “I had an amazing time.” (G.F.)                      “I learned how to act and I had so much fun.”  (S.M.)                                                     “Wish we could do it again.” (R.G.)                “So fun. I’m coming back.”  (M.H.)               “Would recommend.” (W.P.)                                                                                    “It was awesome, like every year.  I’ll be back next year.” (B.G.)               “Best experience ever!” (P.C.)

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