Please note the following registration information.  Should you wish to register, please download the registration form at the bottom of this page and return electronically to charactercurtaincalls@gmail.com.  An e-transfer of funds is also required to complete the registration. 



CharACTer Curtain Calls’ Theatre Programs for Young People: 

Grades 1-3 (As of September, 2022)
Monday nights from 6:30-7:15     Oct. 17- March $250

Grades 4-6 (As of September, 2022)

Tuesdays from 6:00-8:00              Oct. 4- late March $350

Grades 7 and up (As of September, 2022)

Thursdays from 6:00-8:00            Oct. 13- April $350

There are no sessions during the weeks of December 12, 19, 26, January 2 and March 13.

Depending on theatre availability, season-ending public performances for the three groups are planned for March and April. Performance dates will be finalized before the sessions begin.

The full registration fee is due when submitting this
form and attached Release Form. Please send
these documents electronically to
charactercurtaincalls@gmail.com. An e-transfer to
charactercurtaincalls@gmail.com is preferred, but
a cheque (payable to Character Curtain Calls) is also

If paying by cheque, please register
electronically but mail your cheque to 15 St
Catharine Street, Suite 303, St. Thomas, N5P 2V7.

This release form must be signed and submitted to
Character Curtain Calls before this registration can be
processed and confirmed.
I am the legal parent or legal guardian of:
“Participant”), who is under 18 years of age, and desire
that the Participant engages in the full programs and
activities (the “Activities”) of Character Curtain Calls
(“CCCalls”). I acknowledge that I must advise CCCalls in
writing if the Participant is not physically able to
participate fully in the Activities. I also acknowledge that
there are risks in participating in the Activities. I agree
that, having taken such precautions as in its discretion are
deemed advisable, CCCalls will not be held responsible for
any injury, sickness or accident to the Participant or for
any loss or damage to personal property resulting from the
Participant engaging in the Activities. I authorize CCCalls
to secure medical care for the Participant. If for any
reason the Participant requires medical attention beyond
any first aid furnished by or on behalf of CCCalls, I agree to
be responsible for any expenses incurred. I agree to
indemnify CCCalls, its officers, directors, agents, and
volunteers and save them harmless from and with respect
to all suits, actions, and prosecutions by reason of any
Activity carried out by the Participant, whether on or off
CCCalls’s rehearsal space. I also agree to indemnify and
save harmless rehearsal and performance venues from all
losses, claims, demands, costs, damages, and suits of
whatever nature or kind which may arise as a result of the
use by CCCalls.

I understand that the full registration fee is due with the
submission of this Release form and attached Registration
form. The registration is not considered complete unless
accompanied by the required fee. Please ensure that you
have no conflicts with the stated dates and times.

CANCELLATIONS/REFUNDS: CCCalls reserves the right to
cancel any program for which there are insufficient paid
registrations. Full refunds would then be issued. There
are no refunds for missed program sessions, by
participant, or for sessions cancelled due to severe
For cancellations by registrant:
Full Refund (less e-transfer charge): By August 1, 2022.
Full Refund less $25: Between August 2, 2022 and August
31, 2022.
Full Refund less $50: Within 4 weeks prior to first session.
No Refund: As of the first session of the program,
regardless of reason.

COVID-19 Protocols: CCCalls fully complies with any public
health directives. Masks may be needed at certain times
of the season, due to the presence of communicable
illnesses, but we will give advance notice of such a
For the safety and health of participants and volunteers,
we request that no perfume be worn at any of our
rehearsals/show locations and that no nut products are
brought to any rehearsal/show location.
Casting decisions for the season-ending production are
made solely by the Directors of CCCalls.

CONDUCT: It is expected that participants exhibit proper
behaviour and participate under the direction of the
leadership. If inappropriate behaviour continues after
speaking to the child and parents, the child may be asked
to withdraw from the program, with no refund.
When attending sessions, participants are expected to:
Come to sessions/rehearsals prepared and on time, be
respectful of the directors and fellow members, learn their
part(s), and perform to the best of their abilities. It is also
expected that parents will help their child memorize their
lines at home once roles have been assigned.

Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) came into effect
on July 1, 2014. In order for CCCalls to send you program
information and other relevant communication, we seek
your expressed consent by signing the release below. You
always have the option to withdraw your consent at any
time. Photography and Video Release: I consent to the
use of the likeness (including still photographs and videos)
of the Participant in connection with CCCalls and I
understand that these photos/videos may be used for
archival and promotional purposes. CCCalls does not use
the full identity of the performers in their own website
promotional work, but full names are listed in the
performance playbills. Photos taken by the media may
potentially list the names of the actors in the photo/video.
I expressly release CCCalls, its officers, directors, agents,
volunteers, licensees and assigns from and against any all
claims for invasion of privacy, defamation, infringement of
copyright or any other cause of action that may arise out
of such use. I hereby irrevocably release CCCalls from any
and all claims for libel and invasion of privacy in
connection with the foregoing.

I, the undersigned, have read the above and the
information contained on the Registration form and agree
to its terms.
Printed name of parent or legal guardian
___________________________ ________________
Signature Date

Thank you for your support of CCCalls!

Thank you to the following community-minded organizations for their financial support.